The Purpose

Soul Work is a one-day executive retreat designed to help management teams of growth companies focus on mission, strategy, and team-building and communication. It's a great framework for teams in transition or going through the challenges of high growth.

“Soul Work” means attending to what matters most: finding meaning and purpose, relating well to each other, and enjoying a productive work environment built on trust and collaboration.

The Facilitator

Richard Rodgers brings a unique blend of leadership and spiritual experience to this work. Richard has spent most of his career in the development of growth companies; as management team member, investor, and investment banker. He brings this expertise to bear in understanding the company's strategic plan, investment objectives, and management team dynamics.

An important element of Richard’s business success has been his spiritual journey; which has included silent retreats, spiritual direction, dream analysis, Circle of Trust retreats, and an active meditation practice. He has a passion for his own psychological and spiritual work and participating in the journey of others.

Richard’s background and integrated approach help him create an environment of trust from an independent perspective that enables a team to do their best soul work together.

Targeted Outcomes

A successful retreat will result in increased trust among team members, raising of key strategic and interpersonal issues that need to be addressed, improved communication within the team, and increased motivation and alignment around the company's mission and goals.

You are not a team because you work together. You are a team because you trust, respect and care for each other.
— Vala Afshar,